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Pair of Breeder Birds

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This is our first pair of breeder birds. Their names were terrible we had to change them to Sampson and Delilah. They are a proven pair of breeders, age unknown. The female on the left side has plucked her neck and she was molting in the picture. They both are very curious and happy. When I feed them or water plants in their room the get so excited and come right up to the front of their cage for me to talk to them.

A little information on Yellow Collars:

They are generally 15 inches and green in color with yellow at the collar (nape), with blue primary wing feathers. They are smart, nosy, quick learners, they can talk (but as everyone knows there is no guarantee any bird will talk).
For a person who wants a macaw, they make an excellent choice, smaller package but they have a large personality. Just remember they do not know they are small, they just know they are Macaw.



This is Anna & Sergei. They are Vosmaeri Eclectus. Very sweet pair of birds. Larger then my Solomon Island Eclectus for sure. Sergei loves to feed his wife and yell NO at me if I am talking to her. Boy do they eat! Anna’s definitely the little darling she says Hi Baby.

Information on Vosmaeri Eclectus:

The males are green with red underwings, tails on the Vos have a yellow band. They also have the most gorgeous candy corn beak. The females are red to a mauve in color and a purplish blue belly or apron area. Their tails have a gorgeous bright yellow band across the bottom. The beaks are black. The feathers on the Eclectus resemble fine hair. I do not recommend one sex over another. The myth about the girls being more aggressive is untrue. Both sex of Eclectus is terrific. Eclectus are terrific talkers, but remember they only talk if they want to and you have to work with them to get them to talk, if they talk. They are terrific birds. They love to eat and play.

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